PA 400

Designed by experienced audio experts, Boston Acoustic’s 2-channel Professional Power Amplifier Series goes further than just amplification and maximizes the performance of connected mixers and speakers.

Featuring high quality US standard system components and traditional Analog Class AB amplifier circuits with transistors that can withstand high currents. Our power amplifiers produce powerful, realistic, and clean sound throughout with a balanced tonal range. Safety features include a self-disconnecting thermal sensor and a high amplitude protection circuit. We also featured a quiet heat dissipation fan. For flexible connectivity options, we have included: input jacks for both XLR and RCA, XLR jacks for Power connector, speaker ports including banana plugs for easy connection to bare wires, and Speakon - Canon jacks. Our power amplifiers are ideal for karaoke sound systems, live singing, bars, clubs, event halls, and stages.