BA 300

The BA Series Amplifiers are the latest integrated digital amplifiers with digital echo and DAC from the world-renowned Boston Acoustics audio brand. With the advantages of powerful realistic sound and many advanced features, the product line is an ideal choice for modern karaoke systems.


● 8-level anti-feedback function for microphones
● 4 pre-programmed audio presets
● 5 slots for custom user presets
● Advanced Bluetooth connection with HDMI, Optical port, USB port, and SD Card slot
● Integrated 24bit/192kHz DAC for high-quality audio decoding
● Control sound, echo, effects, and reverb with an advanced audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
● 7 band equalizer to adjust music, 11 band equalizer to adjust vocals/mic and 5-band equalizer to adjust effects
● Easy to use, adjust settings directly on the amplifier or connect a computer to use integrated software for adjustments