The Modern Series, The standard in Karaoke speakers delivers next-generation sound quality from reputable American brand Boston Acoustics, In addition to unmatched audio performance, The Modern MD10 features a premium, sleek design.. With the ability to produce both powerful punchy sound and sweet warm softer tones, these speakers are the ideal choice to fit modern high-quality Karaoke needs. With excellent audio performance and striking aesthetics, the Modern Series enhances KTV venues and provides karaoke-goers a memorable karaoke experience.

Made from a high-grade MDF shell covered with textured combined beautiful wood and black vinyl. The speakers impressed with very elegance and aesthetic design front panel. A front air outlet vent is included, designed to eliminate bass “boom” when speakers are placed close to walls or in corners, making it easier to set up your audio system. The especially refined synthetic fiber woofer is extremely light, hard, and elastic, with a foam surround ring for fast and accurate response that helps increase sensitivity. Expertly supporting and blending singing with powerful and full bass. The tweeter and midrange synthetic fiber diaphragm has a diameter of 76mm and are symmetrically located on both sides of the Woofer to create optimal coverage, bringing clear midrange and high frequencies with lots of detail to produce a clean sound. Singing voices sound clean and crisp in the highs but warm and full in the lows. Last but not least, high-quality crossover circuits are used to optimize performance.

● Passive 3-way, full-range karaoke loudspeaker

● Specially designed low-frequency woofer, low distortion and minimum power compression

● A true 3-way full range loudspeaker designed for KTV, music and background  applications

● Provide increased range and reduced distortion for more powerful, clearer vocals.

● Precision engineered crossover for accurate and optimal frequency response

● Deep bass by front Bass Reflex, enjoy punching bass sound

● Sleek, stylish, dark apple color and modern design that is well-suited for a wide array of interior room designs

● Good for regular size living rooms, easy to install and adjust life styles

● A cleaner sound throughout your space, even if you change seats