The BA Series Amplifiers are the latest integrated digital amplifiers with digital echo and DAC from the world-renowned Boston Acoustics audio brand. With the advantages of powerful realistic sound and many advanced features, the product line is an ideal choice for modern karaoke systems. By integrating a professional-grade digital audio effect processor, the system provides a full set of audio processing for enhancing, fine-tuning, or prettifying music and voice.

● Acoustic Innovations Deliver Unrivaled Sonic Performance

● Integrated with high-efficiency Class-D power amplifier and professional-grade digital audio effects processor

Advanced processing chip for you duet comfortably, good sound absorption micro, sensitive voice, gives a sweet, warm voice like a singer

Using high-quality circuitry, the microcontroller technology prolongs the life of ordinary circuits

Built-in optional configuration modes

ARC Convert audio signal function

USB port connects to software

Simple, intuitive color LCD screen provides easy access

● Three HDMI input connectors and one HDMI output connector (applicable to ARC)

Optical port, USB port

Integrated 24bit/192kHz DAC for high-quality audio decoding

Parametric equalizer for microphone input

Parametric equalizer for music input

Control sound, echo, effects, and reverb with an advanced audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

Equalizer to adjust music, equalizer to adjust vocals/mic and band equalizer to adjust effects

Easy to use, adjust settings directly on the amplifier or connect a computer to use integrated software for adjustments

● Key tone control help you can sing any song with any tone.

● Two Wireless Microphone included.

● Remote controller included.